Capital Market Services: Debt

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In India, while the equity markets have been established and functioning fully since many years, the debt capital markets are poised on the threshold of growth and expansion. Increased awareness, regulatory changes and marketability of debt instruments are some of the key contributors to the escalation of the debt markets in India. Investment in debt instruments add steady interest revenues to the portfolio of an investor and also reduce the volatility in the investment portfolio.

A public issue of debt securities or bonds means that a company gives an opportunity to the public, institutions and investors to subscribe to the debt securities or bonds issued by them. The investors not only have the advantage of interest revenue for the portion of debt securities or bonds held by them but as these debt securities or bonds are listed on a recognised stock exchange in India, they have the advantage to trade in these debt securities or bonds as well. A public issue of debt securities or bonds is a safe and cost effective manner of raising funds by companies. They also have a definite period or term and can be redeemed after the end of the term.

Vivro Financial Services Private Limited, as a SEBI registered Merchant Banker is licensed to assist companies issue debt securities or bonds to the public through a Public Issue of Debt Securities.

Vivro Financial Services assists companies in the following:

  • Structure the issuance of debt securities.
  • Coordinate with other appointed agencies such as lawyers, company secretaries and such other consultants in the preparation of the offer document for the public issue of debt securities and ensuring the offer document is prepared in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and guidelines.
  • Assist the company in identifying the correct security to be offered for the public issuance of debt securities, appointment of a debenture trustee and assistance with the security creation.
  • Coordinate with regulatory agencies such as the SEBI, stock exchange and registrar to assist the company file the offer document. Identifying the right target market and investor base and market the issuance of the debt securities.
  • Assist the company comply with the post issue requirements of the public issue of debt securities.