Wealth Management

Our Approach to Wealth Management

Our Wealth Advisory journey begins with understanding the needs of our clients, which forms the basis of our advisory solutions. During differing life cycles of individuals, there are changing priorities, goals and aspirations. A portfolio must fulfil these different needs in different life phases. We deliver solutions which are aligned to our client�s goals, priorities, aspirations and risk tolerance. We follow the maxim � �What is right for the client is right for us� while delivering the Financial Plan.

We understand that individuals seek growth in their investments, preservation of capital and income generation. A product portfolio which meets these requirements, in varying stages of an individual�s life cycle is essential while balancing and maintaining risk tolerance and risk appetite of an individual.

Our Value Proposition

Client Centric Approach

Our approach to Wealth Management is to provide advice and solutions which are aligned to the goals, aspirations and needs of our clients. We do this by assisting our clients through a structured process of wealth planning to create a unique �Financial Plan� per client. This financial plan guides us in recommending the best suited wealth management solutions with a combination of advice and third party solutions.

Our motto to wealth management is �What is right for the client, is right for us!�


We partner with our clients to provide solutions that are optimum for them in our opinion and hence garner long term and long lasting relationships with them. Our clients are at the center of everything that we do.

Unbiased Advice

Advice, in order to be genuine, needs to be unbiased and in the interest of the client. In providing our wealth advisory solutions, we do not focus on a specific set of securities or specific set of funds. We aspire to present independent, fund or security agnostic and unbiased solutions to our clients.

Solutions With A Difference

Over the years, in our financial services business, we have presented solutions to our clients which are often out of the ordinary and bold but always effective. In our wealth advisory solutions as well we aim to provide solutions with a difference, be it in our advice or recommendations, interactions with clients and reporting mechanisms.

Well Defined Systems, Policies And Procedures

Our internal approach is systematic. We believe that well established policies and procedures act as a guide to our team while approaching clients, interacting on their goals and aspirations and assisting and executing their Financial Plan. Our policies and procedures also ensure that we maintain the utmost confidentiality of all our clients and safeguard their interests at all times.

We follow a modern approach to financial planning and wealth management by adopting systems and specialised software suited to financial planning and wealth management.


Clarity of thought and action governs our practice. Our clients are sensitized about their proposed investments and certain disclosures such as inherent risks in investments, minimum duration of investments, past trends of returns, anticipated returns as well as applicable fees, if any. We believe that our clients are super achievers, experts in their field and must also understand the approach we have taken to recommend their investments.